In relation to any transaction recorded on the welltoss platform, in order to buy circles and receive payment, the user agrees to be bound by the following payment terms & conditions:

1).   In accordance with these terms and conditions, Any kind of payment is subject to the welltoss pvt. ltd.
2).   If someone tries to copy this plan, the welltoss pvt. ltd. can take action against you without any pre-notice notice under the Act of Copyright's
3).   If a person who is connected to welltoss pvt. ltd. company and works with another company on such plans in the future, then the welltoss pvt. ltd. can take legal action against you.
4).    In case if welltoss pvt. ltd. was caught you doing wrong acts such as fraud payments, the company's evil, misrepresentation of the people and anything that is wrong. If you get caught up with such work, the welltoss pvt. ltd. will take action against you and block your id.
5).   The welltoss pvt. ltd. can change its policy at any time without any explanation.
6).   welltoss pvt. ltd. allows to only one time update your bank details and KVC After that it's compulsory contact to welltoss pvt. ltd. for change you bank details and etc and welltoss pvt. ltd. can take minimum 7 days to complete this process.
7).   The payment will be credited automatically to your bank account within 24 hours if amount has not credited to your bank account.
8).   You will not be able to get any payment from your circle partner, if your Circle partner has made an reinvestment and you have not activated your De-Active Circle.
9).   If your De-active Circle partner has made a re-investment, then the payment will not be given to you. It is very important to you always keep your circle active to receive payment.
10).   The welltoss pvt. ltd. has rights to change the durartion of payment settelment of your circle partner's bank account.
11).   No one can claim to welltoss pvt. ltd. for time limit of circle completion.
12).    Must be match your bank details and Aadhar card number pan card otherwise your approval request will cancelled by welltoss pvt. ltd..
13).    Invitation code is fixed by company only it will not be changed or removed.
14).    If the money was deducted from your account while making a Circle purchase and your Circle purchase was unsuccessful, then your payment will automatic refund on your account within 7 days.
15).    If you have entered the wrong account number in the welltoss pvt. ltd. and the money is gone in the wrong account, then welltoss pvt. ltd. will be not responsible for that.
16).   There is no refund policy for Circle purchase in the welltoss pvt. ltd..
17).    In the form of De-active Circle, only those people come to your circle who are invited by you. because you are not able to receive any other person payments.
18).    As soon as your Circle is completed by 6 people, then if you invite more friends an automatic de-Active Circle is created by welltoss pvt. ltd..
19).    There is no time limit to complete the circle, if you want to quickly complete your circle so you can invite your friend faster than fast.
20).    A maximum of 6 people will come in a circle, these six people will give you 50% amount of the circle purchase amount.
21).    You can buy the multiple circles at once time.